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Eye Emerald Natural Stone Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling silver 925 and emerald natural stone with zirconia (3.5mm, 1 emerald 0.17ct)

Collection “Mi Reina” My Queen (click to view)


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Our Eye ring is inspired by the belief to have healing powers to soothe the eyes and restore vision. This gemstone is also known as the stone of intuition and revelation. Encompassing the shape of the Eye of a Goddess, this fascinating intense green gemstone will enchant those that will admire its presence. This unique emerald and zirconia Eye ring is part of our "Mi Reina" (My Queen) collection. Wow them with your fashion and command when wearing this fascinating and distinctive piece of fine jewelry.

Collection "Mi Reina" My Queen (click to view)

Gem Type

Colombian Natural Emeralds


Sterling Silver


3.5 mm

Gem Weight

carat total weight .17

Rhodium Plated




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